Ryan White Program - FAQ'S

Q: Am I eligible for the Ryan White Program?

To be eligible for the RW program you must be:

  • diagnosed with HIV/AIDS,
  • income eligible (not more than 400% of the federal poverty level), and,
  • a resident of Oklahoma.

Q: Once I'm accepted into the Ryan White Program, do I ever have to reapply?

Yes, you will be responsible to participate in a reassessment every 6 months with your case manager.

Q: Can I apply for the Ryan White Program if I have private insurance or Medicaid?

Yes, however RW is a payer of last resort and is designed to be a gap filler or for the under insured. Applicants eligible for any third party coverage including Medicaid, COBRA, Insure Oklahoma, employer, Federal Marketplace must make application and access coverage available. Ryan White may be able help with copays. Talk to your case manager for more information.

Q: How much will I have to pay for care and medications?

HIV medications are paid in full for the uninsured, however Ryan White is the payer of last resort. Please talk with your Case Manager for further details.

Q: I'm a Ryan White Program client from another state. How do I transfer my services to Oklahoma?

Please contact the Oklahoma State Department of Health Ryan White Program at (405) 426-8671. A brochure will be sent to you, as well as contact information to make an appointment with a case manager to begin the application, once you have relocated.

Q: How can I find services not provided by the Ryan White Program?

You can speak with your case manager for community resources, as well as calling 211.

Q: I’m a Ryan White Program client and am not happy with the services I have received. What should I do?

All contracting agencies have a grievance and appeal policy in place. Please follow the agency policy as written. If the grievance is regarding the agency itself, please contact the Oklahoma State Department of Health Ryan White Program at (405) 426-8671.